Critical Customer Notification

If your life or the life of someone in your home depends on electrically powered medical equipment, such as an oxygen concentrator or kidney dialysis machine, please inform us so that we may include you on our critical customer registry.

While it is Waterloo North Hydro's (WNH) practice to minimize inconvenience to customers, it may be necessary to occasionally interrupt a customer's supply to maintain or improve WNH's system, or to provide new or upgraded services to other customers.

Please be aware that WNH does not guarantee an uninterrupted supply of electricity. However, if your location is included on our Critical Customer list we will endeavor to notify you of any planned power outages scheduled by WNH. The notification will allow you to make alternate arrangements during the planned outage.


Please print and complete the "Critical Customer Notification" form. Customers will not be included on our Critical Customer registry without a Physician's signature confirming the requirement. Once completed, please mail or fax the form to the address indicated.

Preparing for a Power Outage

Customers are encouraged to have backup plans to prepare for unpredictable power outages. There are many possible reasons for such outages such as lightning, equipment failure, vehicle accidents or extreme weather conditions.

  • Keep emergency response numbers in a convenient location (e.g. 911, hospital, police, fire department).
  • Have a backup plan to ensure that life support needs are continued. This may include arrangements with friends or relatives.
  • In some circumstances a backup generator may be appropriate. Customers are responsible for the safe installation, use and maintenance of a generator.
  • If your equipment has battery backup, ensure that the battery is charged and tested regularly.
  • A battery-powered radio will allow you to stay aware of news and information.
  • Don't be caught off guard. Keep a packed bag of emergency supplies, including medical supplies, flashlights and candles on hand. It's easier to locate one bag in the dark rather than searching for each item.