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The Save on Energy COUPON Program ends September 30, 2017. 

Watch for an exciting new program that will make saving energy and money even easier!

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1. Switch to ENERGY STAR® certified light bulbs. They use up to 75% less electricity than incandescent bulbs and last up to 25 times longer.

ENERGY STAR certified general LEDs

LED Coupon

ENERGY STAR certified LED Multipack
General or specialty LED bulbs; must be ENERGY STAR certified. (multipacks of 3 or more)

LED Coupon 8

ENERGY STAR certified specialty LEDs

LEDs that are covered, tri-light, chandelier, spotlight, floodlight, or decorative; any type except general LED; must be ENERGY STAR certified.

LED Coupon 5

ENERGY STAR certified specialty CFLs

CFLs that are covered, decorative, dimmable, floodlight, spotlight, globe, candelabra, tri-light, etc.; any type except standard CFL; must be ENERGY STAR certified.
CFL Coupon 3
(single or double packs)

CFL Coupon 5(multipacks of 3 or more)

2. Purchase ENERGY STAR® certified light fixtures. They use 75% less electricity than a standard fixtures.

ENERGY STAR certified light fixtures 
Indoor, hard wired; must be ENERGY STAR certified

Light Fixture Coupon 8
(1 or 2 sockets)

Light Fixture Coupon 15
(3 or more sockets)

3. A ceiling fan only requires 10% of the electricity needed to run a window air conditioner. Install an ENERGY STAR® certified ceiling fan. It uses 50% less energy than standard fans and move up to 25% more air.

ENERGY STAR certified ceiling fans 

Indoor, hard wired; fans may be those with or without light sockets; must be ENERGY STAR certified
Ceilinf Fan Coupon 10

4. Lighting control products can save electricity and extend the life of light bulbs, provide security by lighting automatically and let you program when appliances or lights should be on or off.

Lighting control products 

Indoor motion sensors, dimmer switches, timers (hard wired)

Lighting Control Coupon 3

(single packs)

Lighting Control Coupon 6

(multipacks of 2 or more)

5. Weatherstripping improves comfort in the home by reducing drafts and ensuring consistent temperatures by doors and windows.


Does not include window sealing kits (shrink wrap)

Weatherstripping Coupon 2

(foam or V-strip)

Weatherstripping Coupon 3

(door frame kits)

6. Electric Water Heater Blankets can reduce energy loss by up to 40%

Electric water heater blanket 

For electric water heaters only
Water Heater Blanket Coupon 4

7. Stop the energy waste from devices in stand-by mode like PVRs, computers and gaming systems by installing an Advanced Power Bar.

Advanced power bars
Power bars with integrated timer or auto-shutoff
 Powerbar Coupon 4

8. Install and outdoor timer in your pool and hot tub's pump and save up to $50 a month.

Heavy duty outdoor timers
All heavy duty plug in timers.
 Outdoor Timer Coupon 4

9. Drying just two loads of laundry a week on clotheslines - and not in your dryer - could save 46 kWh, or about $5.00 a summer. Plus it reduces the heat gain in your home requiring less energy from your air conditioner.

Outdoor clothesline umbrella stands or clothesline kits (seasonal item, subject to availability)
 Clothesline Coupon 10

10. Install a Baseboard Programmable Thermostat - It can reduce heating costs by up to 10%.

Baseboard programmable thermostats
Programmable thermostats for electric baseboard heaters

Thermostat Coupon 10

(1-2 packs)

Thermostat Coupon 30

(multipacks of 3 or more)

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