Advanced Power Strip Pilot Program

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 Reduce active and standby power wastage with an Advanced Power Strip

Waterloo North Hydro is looking for qualifying businesses to participate in the Advanced Power Strip Pilot Program. Interested organizations would be expected to install at least 30-40 Embertec Emberstrip PC+ advanced power strips (a $149 value per strip). Waterloo North Hydro provides this advanced power strip free of charge and can provide installation at no cost as well. Annually, the device is expected to provide energy savings of 250 - 370 kWh or $27 - $40 in bill savings per workstation.

Is the Emberstrip PC+ right for you?

The Emberstrip PC+ was designed by a research and development firm called Embertec, who designs products for audio visual equipment and for computer equipment. 

The Emberstrip PC+ is ideal for organizations with medium to large office environments and computer labs where it can provide IT administrators with:

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Centralized control
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Enhanced Surge protection
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Reduced energy consumption
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Connected equipment warranty

Eligibility Requirements

  • Waterloo North Hydro non-residential customer
  • Install at least 30 - 40 power strips
  • Actively use the devices 12 months post installation
  • Participate in surveys before and after installation

How to Participate

To participate please contact Justin Ali at 519-886-5090 or by email at

Frequently Asked Questions

The Advanced Power Strip

How does the Emberstrip PC+ work?
Your Emberstrip PC+ is designed to power down your computers and shut off peripheral devices after a prescribed period of inactivity, placing them in sleep mode.

What should I do if there are certain devices I don't wish to be governed by the Embertec PC+
If there are any devices you do not wish to be governed by the Emberstrip PC+, plug them into a black lined 'always on' Emberstrip outlet.

How will I know when a shutdown is about to occur?
Just before a shutdown is to occur, an on-screen message will appear, advising you that a shutdown is imminent.

How do I override a shutdown?
To override a shutdown, simply move the mouse or press any key.

How do I wake up my devices once a shutdown has occurred?
To wake up your devices after a shutdown has occurred, you can simply move the mouse or press any key on the keyboard. For laptops with a docking station you can press the power button on the dock.

How much energy will this device save per computer workstation?

Case studies done on the advanced power strip typically show savings between 250 - 370 kWh per workstation, per year. Savings will vary depending on computer usage and the connected peripheral devices such as printers, space heaters or desk lamps.

How much money can I save by using these devices?

Based on a conservative cost 11¢/kWh, these devices can save you approximately $27 - $40 per work station, per year. When you apply this to the number of computer workstations in your organization, the cost saving potential can be significant.

The Program

Are there any costs to participate?

The Emberstrip PC+ currently retails for $149.95 but if you participate in the pilot, you will receive these devices for free! Additionally, Ecofitt, our third party contractor will also provide installation services free of charge. You can expect your IT department to put some internal labour during the implementation process, but this will be minimal.

Will there be any training offered on how to use the device and software?

Yes. Ecofitt will provide your IT department with training on deployment, leveraging the software for pushing any required updates, and troubleshooting minor issues that may come up.

Why are you running this program?

This program is the first of its kind in Ontario. The technology has never been tested in a formal setting and Waterloo North Hydro wants to investigate the energy savings and benefits it brings to our customers. 

Do I qualify if I have multiple locations?

Yes. As long as your facility resides within Waterloo North Hydro's service territory, you may qualify for the program.

How long will this program be offered?

This is a limited time offer and the program will run subject to availability of advanced power strips.

How do I get started?

To participate please contact Justin Ali at 519-886-5090 or by email at