Save on Energy for Business


Waterloo North Hydro is excited to bring our business customers a wide range of programs to help them save energy, reduce demand, and intelligently manage their energy. Best of all, we'll help you financially to do it with a number of programs.

Power your project today by telling our team about your business and goals.

If you would like more information on Waterloo North Hydro's energy efficiency programs and project support or would like to request a site visit and walk through assessment please submit an inquiry using our Business Form.

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Now is the time to make your business profitable by reducing your operating costs. Find out how we can help.


Install energy-efficiency measures and receive up to 50% of your project costs. Visit the Retrofit Program website for more information.

Please note: Due to recent program changes, Waterloo North Hydro will no longer be offering incentives for unitary AC projects. We will continue to offer incentives for a variety of other equipment. Should you have questions, please contact us.

Decommissioning: The Retrofit Program participant agreement requires that decommissioned equipment be disposed of in accordance with appropriate disposal or decommissioning processes with applicable disposal certificates or similar documentation. This summary sheet provides information to Retrofit Program participants and service providers with respect to equipment disposal and decommissioning for specific equipment covered by the program. Each service provider should retain and provide copies if requested of any disposal certificates that are obtained while dropping off any equipment at a licensed waste disposal or recycling site. 

Small Business Lighting

Thank you for your interest in the Small Business Lighting program.  We are currently not accepting any new applications for the program as it is being revaluated. If you are interested in lighting upgrades, you can apply for the RETROFIT program. Please contact us at to speak with an Energy Efficiency Advisor.

Audit Funding

You can receive incentives to conduct electricity-focused audits in your facility. Visit the Audit Funding website for more information.

High Performance New Construction

Design assistance and financial incentives are available for your new construction and major renovations projects. Visit the High Performance New Construction website for more information.

New Home Construction

Home builders and renovators can receive incentives by installing energy-efficient measures in the home they build. Visit the New Home Construction website for more information.

Process & Systems

Fast track your energy efficiency with incentives of up to 70% of the cost of upgrading your key systems. Visit the Process & Systems website for more information.