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 'Lectric Larry' featured in Electricity Distribibutors Association as a "Different Kind of Hero"

Letric Larry

'Lectric Larry', an electrical safety educator for Waterloo North Hydro, is beloved in the community for sparking a passion for learning in young children. The Electricity Distributors Association featured Larry as a "Differnt Kind of Hero" in their 2017 Distributor Winter edition. Read full article.

Larry joined Waterloo North Hydro in 1979 and throughout his 30 years of service, Larry held multiple positions in various departments including the control room, meter reading, and general maintenance where he finished his career in 2009. After only two years of retirement, Larry began his role as an electrical safety educator, communicating electrical safety, conservation and awareness messaging to grade five and six elementary school classes within the community. For more information abour Waterloo North Hydro's school program visit

Waterloo Area's Top Employers 2017 Award

Waterloo Area's Top Employers 2017 Logo

Waterloo North Hydro is honoured to be named one of Waterloo Area's Top Employers for 2017 and be recognized amongst some great organizations.  

This award speaks to the core values of the organization, including commitment to excellence, teamwork and collaboration, high safety standards and environmental stewardship.  The selection of Waterloo North Hydro reflects an environment that fosters professional growth and development, dedication to the health and well-being of its employees, and its community involvement.

Waterloo North Hydro places a priority on continuous learning and professional growth by providing employees with a range of opportunities for skills development through internal, online and external training programs.  Investments in education for employees through subsidies for tuition and professional accreditation, as well as formal mentoring opportunities are central to Waterloo North Hydro's culture. Waterloo North Hydro is also focused on the future, and provides opportunities for the next generation to gain career-level experience through apprenticeships, cooperative education placements, and summer student roles. 

The health and well-being of employees is an integral part of the culture at Waterloo North Hydro.  Across the organization, employees are encouraged to participate in the 6-time, award winning health and wellness program.  The program includes one-on-one consultations, yoga and physical conditioning classes, health and wellness challenges, financial planning workshops, and lunch and learn sessions focused on physical and mental health, safety outside of the work place, and annual health and wellness fairs.

The Waterloo Area Top Employers award recognizes and celebrates employers who lead their industries in offering exceptional places for their employees to work. Companies are selected based on eight criteria: Physical Workplace;  Work Atmosphere & Social; Health, Financial & Family Benefits; Vacation & Time Off; Employee Communications; Performance Management; Training & Skills Development; and Community Involvement. Employers are than compared to other organizations in their field to determine which offers the most progressive and forward-thinking programs.  Additional details on the Waterloo Top Employers can be found at the Waterloo Areas Top Employers website.


Region of Waterloo's 2016 Platinum Healthy Workplace Award

2016 Region of Waterloo Healthy Workplace AwardThe Healthy Workplace Award is presented to local organizations in the Waterloo Region that make a commitment to health and wellness in their work environment through workplace initiatives.

One of Waterloo North Hydro's success stories this year was the revision of our Cold Stress Prevention Program and the associated policy updated in October of 2015. This program aligns with the comprehensive approach outlined by the Region of Waterloo utilizing awareness-raising, skill building, environmental support and policy development.

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Region of Waterloo's 2015 Platinum Healthy Workplace Award

Waterloo Region Award

The Healthy Workplace Award is presented to local organizations in the Waterloo Region that make a commitment to health and wellness in their work environment through workplace initiatives. 

Each year Waterloo North Hydro focuses on a specific initiative and in 2015, the focus was on mental wellness. One significant contribution to improved mental wellness was a ribbon board that was run in parallel to Bell Let's Talk Day.

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2014 Environmental Excellence Award from the Electricity Distributors Association (EDA) 

Waterloo North Hydro's Pledge to Reduce Carbon Footprint initiative, involved reduced energy usage at its LEED-silver office and operations centre; extensive use of hybrid-electric and dual fuel vehicles; first use in the province of electric tension stringing machines; and employee-driven green team initiatives.


Region of Waterloo's 2014 Platinum Healthy Workplace Award and first ever Innovator Award.

Waterloo Region AwardThe purpose of the Waterloo Region's Healthy Workplace Awards Program is to recognize and celebrate workplaces in the Waterloo Region who demonstrate a strong commitment to improved health for their employees.

Waterloo North Hydro also earned a Gold Healthy Workplace Award in 2012 and 2013.

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