Waterloo North Hydro Electrical Safety Poster Contest


Important Update: The Contest Deadline has been extended until February 28, 2018!

Deadline extended

Attention - Elementary School Teachers in Waterloo, Wellesley and Woolwich

Are any of your students aspiring artists?

Waterloo North Hydro needs their help!

We are looking for local students to help promote the safety messages that keep their friends and family safe by holding an Electrical Safety Poster Contest.

The Waterloo North Hydro 2018 Electrical Safety Poster Contest is seeking artists from Grade 1-8 to design our new safety marketing material. The poster should focus on the importance of Call Before You Dig and show why everyone should call or email for a free locate before beginning their next outdoor project.

For a quick overview of the contest details, please see our Overview Slides.

How Does It Work?

Local elementary school students are encouraged to design their own posters sharing Waterloo North Hydro's important safety message. Entries can be submitted in the following ways:

  1. A scanned copy sent by private message through Waterloo North Hydro's Facebook or Twitter accounts
  2. A scanned copy sent by email to schoolelectricalsafety@wnhydro.com
  3. Mailed to Waterloo North Hydro at: 526 Country Squire Rd, Waterloo ON, N2J 4G8
    (please clearly mark the envelope with "Electrical Safety Poster Contest")
  4. Deliver the poster to our office (526 Country Squire Rd, Waterloo)

All received entries must be on 8.5" by 11" paper. Electronic entries should be submitted as PDF files.

Please ensure completed Entry Form are included with all submitted entries.

When is the Deadline?

Waterloo North Hydro's Poster Contest kicks off January 16, 2018, with a final deadline of February 28, 2018. Please find the official Entry Form here.

What Can I Win?

The three winners from Primary, Junior and Intermediate divisions will be announced March 9, 2018. Selected winners will receive a $50 gift card as well a special electrical safety kit for their families from Waterloo North Hydro.

What are the Rules and Regulations?

Please click here to view the contest's full Rules and Regulations.

What is the Importance of Call Before You Dig?

Utility owned electrical service wires might be buried on your property. Ontario One Call can check to make sure your property is safe before you dig by conducting a service locate. This should be done for all projects, including, driveways, home additions, installing pools, postholes for decking or fencing, and even putting in a garden. Before beginning your project, remember:

  • Even shallow digging may expose the wires.
  • Please allow as much time as possible to ensure your locate is complete before you begin work.
  • Locating service is free- it saves time, money and it keeps you safe.
  • It's the law! Homeowners and contractors are required by law, under the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Ontario, to ascertain the location of buried natural gas pipes before breaking ground.
  • To obtain an electrical service locate contact Ontario One Call 1-800-400-2255 or submit an e-ticket on the On1Call Website.
  • On1Call is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year to take your locate request.


For more information on Call Before You Dig visit www.On1Call.com

Check out the video below for a quick lesson from Lucky the Squirrel on the importance of Call Before you Dig.

For other safety videos featuring Lucky the Squirrel visit: https://www.youtube.com/WaterlooNorthHydro.

Waterloo North Hydro's School Safety Program

This contest is an extension of our commitment to school safety. Waterloo North Hydro is pleased to offer safety presentations about electricity to all elementary schools in Waterloo, Wellesley and Woolwich. You'll also see us at community events showing you how to be safe around electricity.

Making electrical safety fun and interesting for primary and secondary students is important. Young children can learn to have a healthy respect for electricity and spot potential electrical hazards wherever they may be.

To arrange for an electrical safety presentation, please call 519-886-5090 or email our School Safety Presenter.  

For more details on the School Safety Program, please visit https://www.wnhydro.com/en/safety/school-programs.asp


Good luck to everyone and stay safe!