Monthly Billing

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All electric utilities in Ontario have been mandated by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) to move their customers from bi-monthly billing to monthly billing.

Waterloo North Hydro will begin to move our customers to monthly billing starting early in 2017.

What does that mean for you?

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You'll receive 12 bills a year instead of 6

Better alignment with other bills and expenses

Smaller, more manageable payments making it easier to manage your household budget

More timely energy consumption information

New Frequency, New Look

Waterloo North Hydro has also redesigned the look of the bill to better serve you.  We hope that this new layout will make information easier to understand and provide valuable information about your energy consumption.  Waterloo North Hydro has also decreased the size of the bill from legal to letter size to reduce paper waste.

For more information on your new bill design and layout, please visit

New Account Number

In addition to the new bill design and layout, your account number has changed.  Please note that your account number is now 13 digits in length.  When referencing your account number for banking information or during discussions with our office, be sure to include the complete account number including the numbers before and after the dash.  As a reminder, please ensure that you update any banking institution with your new account number. 

Switch to eBilling and receive an email once your bill is ready

Sign up for My Account and eBilling to view and access your current and past bills online, 24/7. See your energy usage details and time of use information.

Set up Automatic Payment and don't miss a payment

If you currently pay your bill on our Pre-Authorized Payment Plan (PAP), your payment will be made once a month on your bill's due date. Not on Pre-Authorized Payment Plan yet? Switch today and never miss a due date again!


Why is Waterloo North Hydro (WNH) moving to monthly billing?
All electric utilities have been mandated by the Ontario Electricity Board (OEB) to move their customers
from to monthly billing. That means customers will receive 12 bills a year instead of 6.

What are the key benefits of monthly billing?
Monthly billing will offer customers smaller, more manageable payments and it will better align with other
monthly expenses, making it easier to manage their budget.
A monthly bill is also a better tool to help customers understand their consumption habits, because it
provides more timely information about electricity use, which makes the bill more effective in helping
manage electricity costs.

When will customers be moved to monthly billing?
Waterloo North Hydro  moved customers to monthly billing on February 21, 2017.

How will customers on Equal Payment Plan (EPP) be affected?
Monthly billing will not affect customers on EPP other than receiving a bill every month instead of every
two months. Their monthly payment amount and due date will not change.

How will customers on Pre-Authorized Payments (PAP) be affected?
Customers on PAP will see a payment withdrawn from their account each month on the due date of the
bill, rather than bi-monthly.

How will customers on eBilling be affected?
Customer on eBilling will receive an email every month once their bill is ready for viewing, rather than bimonthly.

Will the bill look different?
Yes. Waterloo North Hydro has taken this opportunity to improve the look of the bill. The new design and
layout make the bill easier to read and understand while providing valuable energy consumption
information. Waterloo North Hydro has also decreased the paper size of the bill from legal to letter to
reduce paper waste.

How will the change in account number affect customers?
The change to the account number will affect customers who pay their bills via telephone or on-line
banking. Customer will have to ensure they change the account number associated with these payments,
and in most instances set up a new payment via their telephone or on-line banking system. Initially,
Waterloo North Hydro will use program controls to convert account numbers from old to new format if