Waterloo North Hydro Recognized by Electrical Safety Authority with Consumer and Home Safety Award

Posted on Thursday October 05, 2017
Image of ESA Award Winners
Waterloo North Hydro Accepts 2017 Consumer and Home Safety Award from the Electrical Safety Authority

WATERLOO, ON (October 4, 2017) – Waterloo North Hydro Inc. (WNH) proudly received the 2017 Consumer and Home Safety Award from the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA), during a ceremony on September 28. 

WNH received the award in recognition of its Electrical Safety Outreach Program. The program, which includes an electrical school safety program, first responder electrical awareness and contractor safety program, uses active and retired WNH employees to deliver safety messages to various groups in communities across its service territory. 

“We are honoured to have received this award in safety excellence,” said Rene Gatien, WNH’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “Safety is at the forefront of everything we do and we accept this award on behalf of all WNH employees, Board of Directors, and customers.” 

WNH’s electrical school safety program reached over 3,200 elementary school students in the Waterloo Region in 2016. A retired WNH employee conducts a one-hour safety presentation for students and staff at area schools. It includes information on electrical safety at home, in their neighbourhood, and farm safety. The program also visits to summer camps and Boy Scout troops. 

The Electrical Safety Outreach Program also includes an electrical awareness program for first responders in the Waterloo region. The program rotates on a three-year cycle, alternating between police, fire and EMS services. A group of powerline maintainers completes the on-site training for each group. 

Since 2011, WNH has partnered with local utilities to conduct a bi-annual Contractor Electrical Safety Event. The event is designed to increase local contractors’ knowledge of electrical safety issues and ensure employees are aware of the dangers they may face on the job site. More than 100 contractors attended the most recent event. 

Safety is a top priority at WNH and the outreach program is a key part of WNH’s larger commitment to safety within both the organization and the communities it serves. For more information on electrical safety, please visit www.wnhydro.com/safety.