Waterloo North Hydro Wants You To Be Prepared For Winter Storms

Posted on Friday January 10, 2020

A winter storm could be on its way to the Waterloo Region this weekend, and Waterloo North Hydro (WNH) wants to make sure its customers are safe and prepared.

Wind, snow, and ice can lead to unplanned power outages and other emergencies. Although WNH makes every effort to minimize the frequency, severity and length of power outages, it is important to be prepared in the event of an extended outage. Here are a few tips and tools to help keep you and your family safe:

  • Develop an emergency plan and share it with your family. Be sure everyone knows what to expect and what to do. Have a plan in case power is out for a prolonged period of time.
  • Make a list of local emergency contact numbers (fire, police, ambulance, etc.). Include Waterloo North Hydro 1-519-886-5090.
  • Prepare an emergency kit and store it in an easy-to find location. Check it regularly to make sure it is well stocked and that all equipment is in good working order. To find out more about what should be included in your emergency kit, visit www.wnhydro.com/beprepared.
  • Stay away from downed powerlines. If you see a downed powerline, stay at least 10 metres (the length of a school bus) away at all times and call 9-1-1. For a helpful video showing the dangers of downed powerlines, visit www.wnhydro.com/downedlines.
  • If a powerline lands on your vehicle, remember to stay inside the vehicle, if safe, until the power is disconnected. If you must exit the vehicle, learn to do so safely by watching the video at www.wnhydro.com/luckydrives.
  • Keep up-to-date on outage information by visiting WNH’s interactive online outage map. Go to www.wnhydro.com/outages for information on planned and unplanned outages, including the estimated time of restoration and the cause of the outage.

After a Storm

Following a severe storm or outage, there may be damage to your home’s electrical system. WNH is not authorized to repair-customer owned equipment and would like to remind customers that repairs need to be made by a licensed electrical contractor.

Please follow these steps to have your equipment repaired and your power restored if there is damage to your home’s electrical system.

  • Do not attempt to repair this equipment, stay back to avoid risk of shock, electrocution or fire.
  • Contact a Licensed Electrical Contractor to make repairs. Visit http://www.esasafe.com and use the “Find a Licensed Electrical Contractor” search tool to locate a licensed electrical contractor .
  • Once the homeowner has hired a Licensed Electrical Contractor: The contractor will contact WNH’s Engineering Department to obtain a service layout and will also file for a permit with the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) so there is a record of the work. When the contractor completes the work, the contractor will notify ESA and the ESA Inspector will confirm the work has been done safely and power can be reconnected. ESA will inform WNH that it is safe to reconnect the electrical supply to your home. WNH will then reconnect as soon as possible.
  • After the work is done, the homeowner should ask the contractor for a copy of the ESA Certificate of Inspection for their records and insurance.

For more information on making repairs to a home’s electrical system, please visit www.wnhydro.com/ElectricalRepairs.

WNH makes every effort possible to reduce the severity and length of power outages. For more information on electrical safety, please visit www.wnhydro.com/safety. For updates on outages, safety tips, and other WNH information, follow WNH on Twitter @wnhydro.