WNH Elocity Pilot Program

Program Now Accepting Applications


Waterloo North Hydro (WNH) has partnered with Elocity Technologies Inc. (Elocity), a Toronto-based clean energy company, on the WNH Elocity Pilot Program to provide fifty local electric vehicle (EV) owners with real-time charging information, control over their charging usage, and an incentive for opting into demand response. In return, WNH will gain a better understanding of the impact EV charging has on the distribution system, allowing WNH to better plan for future improvements that will benefit EV owners across the WNH service territory. 

What is the WNH Elocity Pilot Program?

Through Elocity’s Hyper-Integrated Electric Vehicle (HIEVTM) platform, participating customers will be able to monitor their EV charging demands and manage their electricity and charging habits. Participants will receive all the components of the HIEVTM platform, including:

  • A smart-charge controller unit (HIEVTM EVPlug) that integrates with home EV charging units
  • A mobile app (HIEVTM Mobile App) where you can view your consumption data 

What is Demand Response?

Demand Response allows WNH, through Elocity, to activate or deactivate charging stations for those participants who have opted into the program. Participants will be entitled to receive an incentive payment of one hundred dollars ($100) within thirty (30) days following each twelve (12) months of uninterrupted, continuous participation in the program up to a maximum of two (2) sequential twelve (12) month periods. Participants will have a minimum of four (4) hours of charging time between 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. EST each day. 

How Can I Participate?

To qualify for the WNH Elocity Pilot Program, you must:

  • Be a residential customer of WNH
  • Own a plug-in or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (BEV or PHEV)
  • Have Wi-Fi access in close proximity and can permit the device to connect to it
  • Have permission for WNH/Elocity to install the device
  • Have a plug-in EV charger (not hard-wired)
  • Have an indoor charging station installed at your home (e.g. inside of your garage)
  • Agree to the Participant Agreement

How Do I Register?

Registering for the pilot program is easy. Simply complete the Online Intake Form  and a WNH representative will follow up with you to complete the registration process. If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact WNH at 519-886-5090.

Complete the Online Intake Form Today 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a HIEVTM EVPlug?
The HIEVTM EVPlug, developed by Elocity Technologies Inc., is an adapter that provides EV drivers with increased control over when they charge, and connects them with charging information through the HIEVTM Mobile App. The system is easy, reliable, secure and proudly made in Canada.

Example of EVPlug
EVPlug with Level 2 ChargerEVPlug with Portable Charger
This is a level 2 Charger EV Plug with a Portable Charger


How does it work?
The HIEVTM EVPlug is a smart adapter for non-networked EV chargers. It connects to your existing EV charger and sends your charging information to the HIEVTM  Mobile App on your smartphone using your existing home Wi-Fi.

Is the HIEVTM EVPlug safe? Can it damage my car or charger?
The HIEVTM EVPlug cannot damage your car or your charger. The HIEVTM EVPlug has been tested and certified by the ESA (Electrical Safety Authority) indicated by the orange safety sticker on the unit. 

Does the unit use up electricity?
Electricity used by the HIEVTM EVPlug is negligible and comparable to a cell phone charging.

Can the unit be installed outside?
No, this generation of the HIEVTM EVPlug can only be installed indoors.

Do I need to change my EV Charger or wiring?
No, you won’t need to change your EV charger or home wiring since the HIEVTM EVPlug is compatible with almost any charger. The HIEVTM EVPlug is easily installed in between your current EV charger and the current receptacle.  Our WNH Electric Vehicle Pilot Program engineers will help you every step of the way, including installation, and how to use the HIEVTM EVPlug app.  Helpful, friendly and trained support staff are always available and make it a priority to make it easy for you to participate.

What will happen to the device after the program is complete?
After the program concludes, you’re welcome to keep using the device but the HIEVTM Mobile App may no longer be updated or supported.

When does the program begin?
Installations are scheduled to begin around May 16, 2022.

How long is this pilot program?
The initial term of the pilot is two years.

Is there a cost for me to participate?
No, participation in the program is free for participants.

How many people can participate in the program?
The program is limited to the first fifty (50) eligible Waterloo North Hydro customers.

Can I register for more than one HIEVTM EVPlug?
Each participant is limited to one device per service address. You can register more than one EV charger by filling out our registration form again with a different service address and details of the additional EV charger.

How hard is it to use the HIEVTM Mobile App?
It is very simple to use the HIEVTM Mobile App. The installation technician will demonstrate how to download, connect and use the App on the first visit.  Any answers or support you might need is a quick phone call or email away.

What if I need support or a question answered?
The project support team is easily accessible by phone or email. For any questions or service requests, please reach out to Andrew Bennett at elocity@wnhydro.com, or call at 519-886-5090 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. 

Our priority is to make your participation as effortless as possible. In the rare instance that the HIEVTM EVPlug is not working, and you can’t wait for our team to help, simply bypass the HIEVTM EVPlug and plug your EV charger directly into the existing wall receptacle as you did before. For additional information about the HIEVTM EVPlug or any other information please visit the Elocity website at elocitytech.com.