Advanced Power Strip Pilot Program

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The Advanced Power Strip Pilot Program has ended and is no longer accepting new applicants. We would like to thank all of our participating customers!

Experiencing technical issues with your Embertec Emberstrip PC+?

If you require assistance troubleshooting any advanced power strip related issues, please contact Embertec support by email at

If you require further assistance, please call us at 519-886-5090. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Emberstrip PC+ work?
Your Emberstrip PC+ is designed to power down your computers and shut off peripheral devices after a prescribed period of inactivity, placing them in sleep mode.

What should I do if there are certain devices I don't wish to be governed by the Embertec PC+
If there are any devices you do not wish to be governed by the Emberstrip PC+, plug them into a black lined 'always on' Emberstrip outlet.

How will I know when a shutdown is about to occur?
Just before a shutdown is to occur, an on-screen message will appear, advising you that a shutdown is imminent.

How do I override a shutdown?
To override a shutdown, simply move the mouse or press any key.

How do I wake up my devices once a shutdown has occurred?
To wake up your devices after a shutdown has occurred, you can simply move the mouse or press any key on the keyboard. For laptops with a docking station you can press the power button on the dock.