Energy Audit Funding

Audit Funding


An Energy Audit is the first step in understanding how energy is being used in your building. Business customers looking to conduct an audit can receive up to 50% of the total cost through the Audit Funding Incentive.

An Energy Audit will help business customers reduce operating costs and improve performance by highlight potential energy savings through equipment replacement, operational practices, or participation in building systems projects.

Working together, we can identify the best and most sustainable energy management programs for your business.

Available Audits for Businesses and Tenants

-        Electricity Survey and Analysis
-        Detailed Analysis of Capital Intensive Modifications
-        Building Systems Audits
-        Electrical Survey and Analysis for Tenants 

Electrical Survey and Analysis

Often the first step in better understanding your business's electricity needs, the financial analysis, or life cycle analysis, provides data needed to fully understand the financial benefits of installing and upgrading to a variety of energy-efficient equipment. Up to $25,000 in financial incentives are available, depending on your building size.

Detailed Analysis of Capital Intensive Modifications

The detailed analysis of capital intensive modifications identifies potential capital-intensive projects from the electricity survey analysis. Detailed field data combines with in-depth engineering analysis to provide potential project costs and savings calculations.

Building Systems Audits

Building owners and lessees may be eligible for the Building Systems Audit incentive. This energy audit provides you with an analysis of savings you might be able to achieve by modifications to balancing and optimizing auxiliary fans, pumps, compressors, domestic water and all associated distribution systems. This incentive does not include the study of lighting systems.

Electricity Survey for Tenants

Available only for tenants, the electricity survey and analysis provides incentives for tenants of facilities to identify potential energy-efficient equipment upgrades and replacements and the financial benefits associated with each project.

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