Energy Efficiency Training Opportunities

Energy Efficiency Training Options


Training Opportunities for Customers and Channel Partners!

For a limited time, the courses listed below are available to our business customers and channel partners, and are eligible for a 50 per cent incentive. Visit the Save on Energy website to access the incentive application form. Find out which courses are right for you and stay tuned for new learning opportunities.


Certified Energy Manager (March 5 - March 9 or April 23 - April 27, 2018)

There are currently two training dates to choose from in 2018. This in-depth five-day training is ideal for professionals who seek a thorough program that covers the technical, economic and regulatory aspects of effective energy management. At the end of the course, participants should be able to discuss and evaluate:

  • Energy supply, uses, and management in buildings in the commercial and institutional sectors.
  • How energy can be used more efficiently in buildings for the commercial and institutional sectors.
  • Relationships between energy and building environments, as well as basic design concepts for constructing green buildings and facilities.
  • Different systems and equipment for buildings and manufacturing plants.

This training is ideal for energy management professionals, project engineers, energy managers in industrial, building and public service sectors, and service providers who wish to obtain the CEM® certification.

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Building Operator Certification Training - Part 1 (March 27 - March 29, 2018)

Building operators are responsible for day-to-day maintenance and operation of large buildings with complex heating, mechanical and electrical systems, which offer excellent opportunity for significant energy savings. The Building Operator Certification Training is eight modules rolled out over a nine day skills based training, which affords facility personnel improved job skills and knowledge to transform workplaces into more comfortable, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly surroundings.

Each course consists of highly interactive and hands-on classroom training facilitated by very knowledgeable and experienced building professionals. Project assignments are to be completed at the participant's facility, and an in-class test is administered at the end of each day of training.

This course is Part 1 of the BOC training offered for the first time in 3 blocks of 3 days each, for a total of 9 days of training. Follow the link below for more details and to register.

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Learning to Sell Energy Effectively for Contractors (April 3rd, 4th or 5th, 2018)

This session will help you become more effective at getting energy efficiency projects approved by better understanding decision-making dynamics; reframing the benefits of efficiency so they can be measured by the yardsticks your prospects are already using to measure their own success; and, expressing those benefits in ways that attract the attention of decision-makers and motivate action. The following exercises are targeted to be completed during the in-person session:

  • Assigning non-utility-cost financial and non-financial benefits to sample upgrades
  • Converting anticipated cost savings to equivalent margin, revenue, and widgets
  • Crafting an elevator pitch, three-sentence solicitation, and one-page proposal
  • Modeling a typical project using a one-page financial analysis template featuring the right metrics
  • Identifying your most promising targets

Efficiency products dealers and distributors, mechanical and electrical contractors, energy-efficiency specialists, architects, engineers, HVAC and lighting designers, building owners and managers, utility representatives, commissioning authorities, and anyone else whose success depends on the successful advocacy of efficiency projects.

Kingston - April 3rd

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Ajax - April 4th

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Chatham - April 5th 

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Accelerated Energy Management - Dollars to $ense Workshop (April 18 - April 19, 2018)

This two-day, hands-on, interactive workshop utilizes a variety of physical demonstrations, calculation worksheets, graphic slides and discussions to create a highly effective learning environment. Designed for both technical and non-technical audiences, this course aims to equip participants with effective approaches and the correct tools to meet the challenges of energy management in the coming years.

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