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Waterloo North Hydro is dedicated to fostering a culture of energy efficiency among customers, channel partners and other stakeholders. We want to help our customers better manage their electricity consumption and energy costs. A major component in achieving this is through our commitment to training and education. We are proud to offer a number of energy efficiency and training options to our customers as well as a number of informative and educational events.

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Upcoming Energy Efficiency Events

At this time, there are no upcoming events. Pleae check back frequently for the next Energy Efficiency Event in your area.

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Past Energy Efficiency Events

The Seven Habits of Highly Efficient Companies with Stephen Dixon (September 21, 2018)

Attendees at this informative event learned the secrets of persistent energy efficiency from Stephen Dixon, the President of TdS Dixon Inc., and local energy expert.

The session helped attendees better understand how leadership, setting smart goals and putting the right resources in place helps a company become more energy efficient while also examining the seven key habits of efficient companies and how these habits can be adapted to fit the needs of your company.

To view a full copy of the presentation, please click here.

 Seven Habits Slide         Seven Habits of Highly Efficient Companies

Energy Savings Through  Recommissioning, Monitoring and Targeting (June 28, 2018)

Attendees at this event learned about the benefits of the environmentally-friendly and cost-effective Bioscrub cleaning process for heating and cooling restoration through a presentation by Darren Cooper of Renteknik Group Inc. BioScrub EFM is a patented process using an all-natural probiotic cleaning agent and high pressure steam to deep clean and restore the performance of heating and cooling coils whilst protecting the environment and equipment by eliminating the use of traditional harsh chemicals.

The session also examined the best way to utilize the Save on Energy Retrofit Program for Bioscrub projects and helped attendees understand how to gain “real-time” visibility to baseline energy usage and identifying actionable opportunities that will achieve sustained energy savings.

To view a full copy of the event presentation, please click here.

Bioscrub Event photo Panoramic Photo of Bioscrub event