Free Energy Efficiency Facility Assessment

Free Energy Efficiency Facility Assessment


Sign up today for a FREE energy efficiency walkthrough and facility assessment and learn how Waterloo North Hydro can help your business save energy, make your business more efficient and help better manage your electricity costs.

Start saving today, let certified Energy Efficiency Advisor visit your business and help determine the energy efficiency opportunities for your business and outline the incentives that your business qualifies for.

Our Energy Efficiency Advisor will evaluate your businesses building systems such as lighting, heating and cooling and ventilation as well as process equipment including compressed air and refrigeration to determine how your building and process equipment is performing.

Following your facility assessment, our Energy Efficiency Advisor will provide you with an evaluation of the visit’s findings. Your detailed facility assessment will provide you with many useful pieces of information, including: 

  • a detailed breakdown of electricity usage and costs by system/process/functional area;
  • a detailed listing of known and identified potential energy efficiency project opportunities outlining project economics, benefits, risks and available incentives; and
  • an action plan for the top three to five projects identified

Registering for your free facility assessment is easy. Contact us to tell us more about your business and your energy efficiency needs, call us at 519-886-5090 or send an email to

Let us help you today so you can start saving now and in the future.