Energy Efficiency Programs for Medium and Large Commercial

Energy Efficiency Programs for Medium and Large Commercial


Waterloo North Hydro continues to support our medium and large commercial customers in their efforts to save money and better manage their energy costs.  Are experienced team of energy efficiency professionals is here to help you every step of the way.  From understanding how your business uses energy, identifying projects building the business case to applying to energy efficiency programs, selecting the right equipment and managing your project Waterloo North Hydro's team is with you every step of the way.

Take advantage of our resources and get your FREE energy efficiency assessment today!

Free Energy Efficiency Assessment

Waterloo North Hydro can help your business save energy, be more efficient, and better manager its energy costs. Start saving today, let one of our certified Energy Efficiency Advisors visit your business for a FREE energy efficiency assessment.  We will evaluate your businesses building systems such as lighting, heating and cooling and ventilation as well as process equipment including compressed air and refrigeration to determine how your building and process equipment is performing.

Following your facility assessment, our Energy Efficiency Advisor will provide you with an evaluation of the visit’s findings. Your detailed facility assessment will provide you with many useful pieces of information, including: 

  • a detailed breakdown of electricity usage and costs by system/process/functional area;
  • a detailed listing of known and identified potential energy efficiency project opportunities outlining project economics, benefits, risks and available incentives; and
  • an action plan for the top three to five projects identified

Registering for your free facility assessment is easy. Contact us to tell us more about your business and your energy efficiency needs, call us at 519-886-5090 or send an email to

Let us help you today so you can start saving now and in the future.


Medium and Large Business Program Summary  

Please see the medium and large commercial business program summary below for a complete list of the programs that are currently available to assist you.

Retrofit Program - Updated program launched January 4, 2021

Save on Energy’s flagship Retrofit program offers businesses a more customer-friendly experience through an expanded list of energy-efficient measures, faster application review processes and quicker incentive payments. 

New measures will be available under three streams:

  • Lighting
  • HVAC
  • Manufacturing and other equipment

Measures will focus on the most commonly used products and technologies, including the most popular measures from the custom track, to continue to help businesses save on energy costs and to help increase their competitiveness.  

Waterloo North Hydro's experts are available to assist you in any way they can, including through project identification, assistance with applications, application reviews, and many other areas. For assistance, please contact us at 519-886-5090.

For full program details, please click here

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Energy Manager

The Energy Manager program has been instrumental in building a highly skilled network of energy professionals in various sectors across the province. Since the program was introduced, more than 150 Energy Managers have been supported. 

Companies interested in hiring an Energy Manager will have the opportunity to apply through an application window in 2021. Funding opportunities will be based on the customers’ ability to achieve savings and peak demand reductions. Companies approved will receive an upfront payment of $20,000 annually upon the hiring of an energy manager and up to $150,000 per year to compensate their energy manager based on their performance – this will be at a rate of $300 per kW of peak demand reduction. The IESO will communicate the timing of the 2021 application window for new Energy Manager applications in January.

For more information on the Energy Manager Program, please click here

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Energy Performance Program

The Energy Performance Program rewards customers who are able to make behavioural and operational changes complementary to capital investment projects, which grow their energy savings over many years.

Incentives available for multi-site and single-site applications – with terms lasting up to December 31, 2022.

To apply, follow these three steps. Completed documents and any participant questions can be sent to:

  1. Complete and sign the Energy Performance Program Agreement and the Application Form.
  2. Complete one Facility Application Form for each Facility to be enrolled.
  3. Submit a baseline energy model for each Facility application as described in the program's M&V Procedures and validated using the Baseline Energy Model Validation Reports Tool.

For more information on the Energy Manager Program, please visit

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Process and Systems Upgrades - Program Closed

In response to feedback and to support more customer-focused solutions, the Process and Systems Upgrade (PSU) program will be discontinued as of December 31, 2020. It will be replaced by a new offering in 2022, that will focus on supporting participants to get larger, more complex projects off the ground. This shift in programming will reduce the administrative burden for participants and will help address the unique and specialized needs of industrial consumers.

The IESO will engage with the marketplace throughout 2021, to seek feedback on their energy-efficiency needs in order to support the design of the new program. In the meantime, opportunities continue to be available through Save on Energy programs, including Retrofit, the Energy Manager program and the Energy Performance Program. Industrial consumers are also eligible to participate in the upcoming IESO Energy Efficiency Auction Pilot set to launch in March in 2021.

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