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Thank you for your interest in the peaksaver PLUS® program. The program ended in December 2015 with no new registrations since that time. While there were no new registrations, the program continued to perform remote curtailments to your central air conditioner during peak demand events until September 30th, 2017. Please be advised that as of December 31st, 2017, the program and the services customers may have had access to will also end.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the program has ended, do I need to return my thermostat to Waterloo North Hydro?

The thermostat is the property of the homeowner. If the homeowner wishes to remove the thermostat within their home, they are allowed to do so as much as any other household appliance. Costs of removal are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Will my thermostat still work even though the program has ended?

Customers should not see any impact to thermostat performance and do not need to take any action. You can still use your thermostat as normal.

Am I still able to access the peaksaver® or peaksaver PLUS® on-line portal to control my thermostat?

With peaksaver® or peaksaver PLUS® you were previously able to access your thermostat on-line. However, as of December 31st 2017 you will not be able to access or use this feature going forward.

Will my thermostat be adjusted during peak demand events in the future?

Remote curtailments to customers' air conditioners will no longer occur. The last of these curtailments ended September 30th, 2017. 

If I have issues using my thermostat or if there is a problem is there a number I can call?

Waterloo North Hydro will still continue to provide support for customers requiring it. Should you have thermostat related issues, please contact our service provider at 1-855-952-5282. If your thermostat malfunctions or needs replacement, costs associated with this are your responsibility.

Are there any similar programs available if I'd like to replace my current thermostat?

There are a few programs you may be eligible for  that are currently available:

1. The Green Ontario Fund has partnered with Save on Energy and local distribution companies in Ontario to offer a $100 rebate for Ontario residents purchasing an eligible smart thermostat. 

2. The Heating and Cooling Incentive Program now also provides an incentive of $50 for the purchase of an eligible smart thermostat. For this program, their participating contractor can tell them which thermostats qualify for the incentive.

3. Union Gas has partnered with Save on Energy and local distribution companies in Ontario to offer a $100 rebate for eligible customers in the Union Gas program area, under the Home Reno Rebate program.


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