Process and Systems


The PROCESS & SYSTEMS program is designed to help organizations with complex systems and processes IDENTIFY, IMPLEMENT, and VALIDATE energy efficiency projects from start to finish.

If you are an industrial or institutional organization, you are likely to have complex systems and processes that contribute to a significant portion of your electricity costs, and finding energy efficiencies may not be as straight forward as a simple retrofit project. The PROCESS & SYSTEMS program provides you with the funding, tools, and resources to help your organization identifyimplement, and validate energy efficiency projects from start to finish. 

Behind-the-meter generation projects under the  PROCESS & SYSTEMS program require sufficient capacity on the electricity grid to be connected. 

If you would like to get more details on this program, please review the program guide.


Project Incentives are available for a variety of energy saving projects. Whether you are installing variable frequency drives on your motors or you are redesigning your entire system there is an incentive available.

The project incentive is designed for large process and system energy efficiency projects you are looking to undertake.


Project Incentive

Retrofit Program


The lesser of: 
- up to 70% of project costs or;
- $200 per MWh of annual electricity savings

Two Options Including:
- up to 50%of project costs for CUSTOM projects or;
- fixed incentive levels for PRESCRIPTIVE projects

Minimum Project Energy Savings

300 MWh

No minimum

M&V Terms

One year

One year

Payment Terms

A) Advanced Payment: Payments are made during construction as costs are incurred
B) Deferred Payment: Payments are made at the completion of project and once measurement and verification has been completed

Payment is made once final application submission forms have been reviewed by local hydro company 
Payment is made 
once measurement 
and verification has been completed based on one year electricity savings


Application process

The application process for receiving project incentives is outlined below. Please contact our Energy Efficiency team and they will provide you with relevant documents and assist you in completing your application. 

Step 1:
Contact your local hydro company. An account manager will assist you throughout your application process.  
Step 2:
Once you have completed your application form, submit it along with your study final report, performance security option and electricity bills or billing data to your local hydro company for approval.  Your local hydro company will then submit your application for technical review.  If any application details are missing or additional data is required the technical reviewer may request additional information from you at this time. 

Step 3:
Once the review is complete you will receive a summary review report and measurement and verification plan.  If agreed upon you will then receive a Project Incentive Contract from your local hydro company that confirms your project approval.

Step 4:
Once the contract is signed then you are able to start construction on your project.


To be eligible for project incentives you must be a single facility connected to a local hydro company distribution network. The proposed project  must be in service before December 31, 2020 and provide annualized electricity savings of greater than 300 MWh for Project Incentives.

Note: The following projects do not qualify for project incentives unless otherwise approved in writing by the local hydro company: lighting, demand response, electricity generation or fuel-switching projects.  

For more information on the incentives, application process and eligibility, please see the program guide.