Success Stories

Success stories


Waterloo North Hydro is proud to work with area businesses to provide a wide-range of programs to help them save energy, improve their facilities and systems, and intelligently manage their energy costs and needs while offering financial incentives for successfully completed projects.

Here are just a few of the recent successful stories. Find out how we've helped local companies through Save on Energy programs. Call us at 519-886-5090 or email to find out how we can help you.

To help demonstrate the many ways we can help your business manage its energy costs, we have highlighted a number of our success stories from local businesses. Our programs assist a wide range of  businesses and we offer a broad range of energy saving projects designed to fit your needs.

See below for success stories from the following types of businesses:



 Northfield Metals Case Study

Northfield Metal Products is a leading manufacturer of office furniture components. Located in Waterloo, Northfield Metal Products is dedicated to developing and producing durable components and meeting the changing demands of its customers.

Working with Waterloo North Hydro, Northfield Metal Products completed a Save On Energy Project to install thermal jackets on its injection moulding barrels while also replacing its plastic resin dryers and cutting its use of dryers per hopper.

Find out how we helped them here.

 Fisher Canada Stainless Steel Tubing Inc  

Fischer Canada Stainless Steel Tubing Inc. is the global leader in the design and manufacture of stainless steel tubing for the automotive, architectural, food processing, and health care sectors in a competitive world market.

Through the Save on Energy RETROFIT Program, and with the help of Waterloo North Hydro, the company upgraded the lighting in its office and its main manufacturing plant to LEDs.

Read more about this success story here.


Bob's Valu Mart Case Study

Bob’s Valu-Mart offers convenient shopping for students and professionals who study and work close by the Waterloo Square in UpTown Waterloo. As a anchor tenant, they help attract business to other tenants so it is important that its lighting be inviting and cheerful to bring customers in and to offer a pleasant shopping experience.

The Save on Energy RETROFIT program allowed Bob’s Valu-Mart to update the display case lighting to LED lighting, which with the better colour rendering makes the meats and produce look their best.

Find out more about how Save on Energy programs have helped Bob's Valu-Mart.



Case Study - Poultry Farms Summary

In collaboration with Waterloo North Hydro and the Save on Energy RETROFIT PROGRAM, local farmers have replaced incandescent and/or compact fluorescent lights with regular household LED bulbs in their chicken coops and broiler houses.

Find out how this initiative helped local farmers and how Save on Energy programs can assist your business in saving energy and better managing your electricity costs. Read more.