Energy Efficiency Tips & Tools

Energy Efficiency Tips and Tools


Using electricity wisely means using it efficiently but also using it at times of the day when demand is typically lower. There are simple ways that everyone can do their part to conserve.

Select the links below for information about what you can do to save energy.

Energy Consumption Chart

Check out this consumption chart find out how much electricity appliances typically use. View the Energy Consumption Chart.

Energy Saving Tips

See how easy it is to save energy and money. View see more Energy Saving Tips.

Energy Management Guide for Businesses

The Bottom Line on Energy Management: Making Ontario's Electricity Market Work for Your Business.

Kids Corner

Plug in to get the facts on saving electricity and our environment, along with cool tips, puzzles, games and trivia galore. View the Kids Corner website by the Ontario Power Authority.

Conservation for Kids

A summary of some useful websites focused on energy conservation.  View the Conservation for Kids website


Save on Energy website

Kilowatt Way

REEP Green Solutions website

Office of Energy Efficiency website

Ministry of Energy website

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