Waterloo North Hydro Site Demonstrates A New Way to Heat and Cool A Building

Posted on Friday March 19, 2021

Innovia GEO Corp. (Innovia GEO), Waterloo North Hydro Inc. (WNH), and Grand River Energy Corporation (GRE) are pleased to announce the commissioning of a Geothermal Pile demonstration system at the WNH’s Eby Rush Transformer Station. 

The demonstration system consists of 8 piles installed between 50 and 60 feet deep, connected to the building's heating and cooling system.  As part of the project, the building’s mechanical system was also upgraded with a new variable speed heat pump.  Detailed testing of the system will be conducted throughout the year with winter season testing underway.

“WNH is pleased to be hosting such an innovative project and we are excited to support the advancement of a technology we have direct experience with,” said Rene Gatien, President, and CEO of WNH.   “A key component of our LEED Silver certified Main Office and Service Centre is a geothermal system that provides most of the heating, hot water heating and cooling for the building,”

Typical geothermal systems, which use the temperature of the ground to efficiently heat and cool buildings, have high up-front costs due to the requirement to install plastic piping in the ground. The Innovia GEO system integrates the geothermal capabilities directly into the building’s steel foundation pillars.

 “By enabling the dual use of a building’s steel foundation pile, we can increase the adoption of clean and efficient geothermal heating and cooling by dramatically cutting the upfront cost,” said Andrew Lee, President of Innovia GEO.

“As a company focused on the Distributed Energy Resources “DER” market, GRE is particularly interested in geothermal systems because of their potential to “electrify” heating and cooling systems in buildings,” said GRE’s President and CEO, Mike Savel.

For more information on the project, please visit https://www.innoviageo.com/projects.