Corporate Overview

Waterloo North Hydro Staff


At Waterloo North Hydro, we touch the lives of our customers every day, providing the electricity needed for their homes, schools and businesses. We deliver electricity, safely and reliably, at the lowest reasonable cost.

Serving approximately 58,000 customers, we deliver energy to over 683 square km across a large urban and rural service area. We do so with 128 employees all focused on quality service and customer satisfaction.

Waterloo North Hydro Holding Corporation is the parent holding company of Waterloo North Hydro Inc. and is owned by the City of Waterloo and the Townships of Wellesley and Woolwich.

At Waterloo North Hydro, we are dedicated to energizing Waterloo, Woolwich, and Wellesley today and for the future.

Purpose: Deliver electricity efficiently to our customers.

Mission: To be of service to our customers by delivering electricity to homes and businesses in our community – safely, reliably, 24/7.

Vision: Be the flexible, sustainable distribution platform for connecting consumers and producers of electricity, and be the trusted energy advisor of choice for our customers.

Core Values: Respect, Commitment to Excellence, Service, Teamwork and Collaboration, Responsibility and Accountability, Safety and Environmental Stewardship.