Electricity Supply Mix


In Ontario, electricity is produced from a number of sources. The Electricity Supply Mix, for an electricity product, is the combination of power sources used to generate the product.

The following chart shows the combination of electricity sources used to generate the electricity consumed in Ontario in 2020.

2020 Ontario Electricity Supply Mix 

Ontario's Electricity Mix 2020

* Source: Ontario Energy Board

Electricity Sources

Ontario's Electricity Mix*

Nuclear Energy 56.8%
Water Power 24.4%
Natural Gas*  6.3%
Wind 8.7%
Solar PV 2.4%
Bioenergy** 0.5%
Non-Contracted*** 0.9%

* Includes Lennox and dual fuel (natural gas/bioenergy) consistent with IESO.

** IESO’s embedded generation data set combines biomass and gas.

*** Non-Contracted represents a variety of fuel types that the IESO is unable to categorize due to a lack of information from Local Distribution Companies (LDCs).

Note: Figures may not add to 100% due to rounding.

For real time data and to learn more about Ontario's diverse supply mix, visit: http://ieso.ca/