Utilities Standards Forum


Utilities Standards Forum (USF) is a forum of electricity distribution members for collaboration and mutual support. WNH was a founding member of the USF in 2004 in response to changing regulations around engineering standards. USF has progressed to include IT and Regulatory forums and has grown from 12 LDCs to 54 including Hydro One, Alectra, and Toronto Hydro

About USF

USF was formed by many of Ontario’s small to medium sized electricity distribution companies (LDC’s) in 2005, in direct response to the passing of Ontario Regulation 22/04.  Engineering teams volunteered their time and seed documents, to prepare a shared set of design standards to meet the requirements of this legislation, and promote distribution system safety.

Today, USF has grown both in membership and focus. It includes small to medium and large LDs and is the place where teams from engineering, IT and regulatory departments collaborate on meeting regulatory requirements and general business needs.

For more information on USF visit http://utilitiesstandardsforum.ca/


In each Forum, USF hosts a schedule of events, providing networking opportunities and support to one another on common activities. Three to four times per year, USF colleagues connect and collaborate, receive updates from industry stakeholders, discuss practices and experiences, and direct USF on future projects and developments. Outside experts are often welcomed to these meetings, to provide new information, opinions and training. However at times, the doors are closed and members have confidential round table discussions.