2020 Electrical Safety Poster Contest


Help us congratulate the winners of the 2020 Electrical Safety Poster Contest 

Thank you to all the artists across Waterloo Region who entered the 2020 Electrical Safety Poster Contest. We received a large number of great entries.

After tallying the results of the online vote, we are proud to announce this year's winning posters.

Please check back shortly for information on the winning artists and photos of them with their posters.

Grade 1-3

Grace, Grade 2


Jia, Grade 1


Madelyn, Grade 2


Grade 4-6

Brenna, Grade 4


Dominic, Grade 4


Tara, Grade 4


Grade 7-8

Alyssa, Grade 8


Sara, Grade 7


Syed, Grade 8



What Do I Do If I See A Downed Powerline?

Downed powerlines are very dangerous. If you spot a downed powerline, keep at least 10 metres away, (the length of a school bus) even if it does not appear to be live. 

Call us at 519-886-5090 if you see a downed powerline and stay safe!

Learn what to do if you see a downed powerline by visiting www.wnhydro.com/downedlines.

Email us at schoolelectricalsafety@wnhydro.com if you have any questions.