2022 Electrical Safety Poster Contest

The 2022 Contest is Here


Help us choose the winners of the 2022 Electrical Safety Poster Contest!


We need your help to choose the contest winners in each age group. Click on the images below to vote for your favourite artists in Grade 1-3 and Grade 4-6. Please select three winners in each age group.

Voting runs until May 27, so make your selection today and stay tuned for the announcement of the winning artists.

Grade 1-3

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 Grade 4-6

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What is This Year’s Theme?

This year’s theme is “What to do if a powerline falls on a vehicle you’re in.”

It’s important to know how to stay safe if a powerline falls on your vehicle. To help you learn what to do, watch this video featuring “Lucky” the Squirrel.


For additional information, visit wnhydro.com/vehiclesafety.

Remember, if a powerline falls on your vehicle, staying safe is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. If a powerline falls on your vehicle, remain in the vehicle until help arrives
  2. Move away from the vehicle, using the shuffle technique.
  3. Only exit the vehicle if you must get out to stay safe. If you need to exit for safety reasons (such as a fire), make sure you follow these steps: