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Education is a key component of electrical safety awareness. Waterloo North Hydro understands this, and provides unparalleled electrical safety training to local elementary school students in Public, Catholic, and Mennonite schools through its award-winning School Electrical Safety Program.

WNH's School Safety Program is just one component of our commitment to electrical safety education. We also provide electrical safety through community presentations, meetings with staff, and a number of other resources and online tools, including a series of animated safety videos.

'Lectric Larry's School Electrical Safety Presentation

Classrooms are provided a one hour interactive presentation by "Lectric Larry" where he uses a combination of teaching techniques including children's participation, storytelling and comedy along with sound effects to create a positive learning environment complete with concrete safety messages. The presentation also includes an activity book.

Larry's presentation was developed to follow the Ontario Elementary School curriculum. His information focuses on a range of electrical safety topics including: energy generation, electricity distribution, home electrical safety, energy conservation and cautionary case studies.

To arrange for an electrical safety presentation, please call 519-886-5090 or email our School Safety Presenter.  

 Watch the video bellow to see one of the classroom presentations:


Additional Resources

Lucky the Squirrel Safety Videos

Waterloo North Hydro is committed to sharing important electrical safety messages to its customers and the public. To help share important safety information, we created an animated video series starring Lucky the Squirrel. Please click on the video title below to see the full animation, or visit www.wnhydro.com/luckythesquirrelvideos to see the full list of videos.

Call Before You Dig

Keep Your Distance from Overhead Powerlines 

Look Up! Look Out! Watch for Overhead Powerlines

The Dangers of Tampering With Electrical Equipment

Stay Away From Downed Powerlines

What To Do If Your Vehicle Comes in Contact With Live Powerlines

Lucky the Squirrel Trading Cards

Collect all six and learn important lessons on keeping you and your family safe from electricity.

We will be sharing these cards during our Elementary School Presentations, at community events and in our office. Be on the look out for your chance to pick some up!

To see all of the cards, and to download your own set to keep, visit www.wnhydro.com/luckycards

Kids Corner

Plug in to get the facts on saving electricity and our environment, along with cool tips, puzzles, games and trivia galore. View the Kids Corner website.

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