Making Electrical Repairs Following a Storm

Damaged Electrical Equipment


After a power outage or severe storm, you may find your home remains without power, has only partial power, or has damage to its electrical system.

Waterloo North Hydro wants to provide you with the resources to have your power restored safety and effectively. Follow the below information to ensure any repairs needed at your property are done safely and your power is restored as quickly as possible.

What to do if my power is out?

  • Do neighbouring homes have power?
    • If your neighbour’s do not have power, visit and check our interactive outage map
    • If your neighbours have power, but you do not, please call us at 519-886-5090 to report the issues at your property 
  • Check for damage to your meter or service stack


 What Electrical Equipment is My Responsibility?

Typically, a homeowner's ownership of electrical equipment begins where the wires attach to the house. This means the wire from the pole to the house generally is the utility's, but the wires inside the mast/stacl, the mast, and equipment attached to, and inside, the house belongs to you and is your responsibility to repair.

For more information on what part of the electrical equipment is your responsibility, please see the following diagrams showing various types of typical connections. Click on the images to enlarge.

Typical Overhead Connection Via Stack Typical Underground Connection Typical Rural Overhead Connection
Typical Overhead Connection Drawn Example Typical Undergdround Connection Drawn Example Typical Rural Connection - Drawn Example

Damage to mast/stack is often caused by fallen trees or branches striking the overhead service conductors.                  

Damage is typically to the meter base, which can detach from the building wall, or impact the incoming service conduit. This impact is usually caused by vehicle contact

Typical damage to poles is caused by pole decay at the ground line. This leads to poles falling over in extreme weather conditions. 


 Repairing Damage to Customer-Owned Electrical Equipment

Waterloo North Hydro is not authorized to repair customer-owned equipment. If your meter base or stack are damaged, they will need to be repaired by a licensed electrical contractor before we can restore your power.

Follow these steps to have your equipment repaired and your power restored:

  • Do not attempt to repair this equipment yourself. Stay back to avoid risk of shock, electrocution or fire.
  • Contact a Licensed Electrical Contractor to make repairs. Visit and use the “Find a Licensed Electrical Contractor” search tool to locate a licensed electrical contractor .
  • Once you’ve hired a Licensed Electrical Contractor: The contractor will contact WNH’s Engineering Department to obtain a service layout and will also file for a permit with the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) so there is a record of the work. When the contractor completes the work, the contractor will notify ESA and the ESA Inspector will confirm the work has been done safely and power can be reconnected. ESA will inform Waterloo North Hydro that it is safe to reconnect the electrical supply to your home. Waterloo North Hydro will then reconnect as soon as possible.
  • After the work is done, the homeowner should ask the contractor for a copy of the ESA Certificate of Inspection for their records and insurance.


For more information on making repairs to your electrical system, read our handout Arranging for Repairs to Your Home’s Electrical System

For more electrical safety tips visit