Road Safety

Crews at work safely making system repairs


Public safety is always top of mind for Waterloo North Hydro, and this extends beyond power lines, poles and electrical equipment to the roads our crews work on.

Crews working with correct road signs

As part of our ongoing system maintenance, our commitment to system reliability, and system upgrades our crews regularly work on roads across the Waterloo Region.

Whether driving, cycling or walking, we ask that you stay alert, and obey all road and construction signs. Slow down, pay attention, and help keep yourself, your family, and our crews safe at all times.

Additionally, do not approach staff that are in the community and practice physical distancing.

To help ensure everyone’s safety, here are a number of tips to consider when driving, walking, or cycling through construction areas and work zones.

  • Short-term projects may require crews to temporarily control traffic, create detours, or close roads. If you see Waterloo North Hydro crews on your road, follow the signs and slow down.
  • Watch for trucks turning and backing up
  • Slow down and watch for crew members when driving through work and    construction zones
  • Be aware of your surroundings and avoid distractions like smart phones and GPS devices.
  • Walk only on sidewalks or designated walkways. Ask for help if you require assistance walking through a work or construction area
  • Construction signage is for your safety and the safety of our crews and contractors. When you see a road closed sign or a detour sign, please follow it.  It keeps everyone safe
  • Always stay alert for unexpected hazards
  • Operations crews often use traffic control persons to stop, slow, and safely direct traffic through work sites. Always obey the flaggers, pay attention, and drive carefully.  

We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring everyone gets home safely at the end of the day. For more information on road and traffic safety click here. For more safety tips to help keep you safe click here.