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Waterloo North Hydro is pleased to offer safety presentations about electricity to all elementary schools in Waterloo, Wellesley and Woolwich. You'll also see us at community events showing you how to be safe around electricity.

Making electrical safety fun and interesting for primary and secondary students is important. Young children can learn to have a healthy respect for electricity and spot potential electrical hazards wherever they may be.

Book Lectric Larry to come to your classroom

To arrange for an electrical safety presentation, please call 519-886-5090 or email our School Safety Presenter.  

 Watch the video bellow to see one of the classroom presentations:

Classrooms are provided a one hour interactive presentation by "Lectric Larry" where he uses a combination of teaching techniques including children's participation, storytelling and comedy along with sound effects to create a positive learning environment complete with concrete safety messages. The presentation also includes an activity book.

Larry's presentation was developed to follow the Ontario Elementary School curriculum. His information focuses on a range of electrical safety topics including: energy generation, electricity distribution, home electrical safety, energy conservation and cautionary case studies.

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