Waterloo North Hydro Electrical Safety Poster Contest

2019 Electrical Safety Poster Contest


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We're asking the public to vote on their favourite submissions from each age group. Simply choose your three favourites from below and click the Thank You button to submit. It is easy to do!

The voting period for the contest ends May 22, 2019. The winning selections will be announced May 24, 2019.

The  winners from Primary, Junior and Intermediate divisions will be announced May 24, 2019. Selected winners will receive a $50 gift card as well special gift bag for their families from Waterloo North Hydro..

What are the Rules and Regulations?

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Why is Electrical Equipment Dangerous?

Electrical Equipment is dangerous and can cause serious injury or death. We remind everyone to stay clear of transformers and other electrical equipment.

Transformers change high-voltage electricity to lower voltages that are used by appliances and lighting in your household. You may have seen these metal boxes near roads and sidewalks in your neighbourhood, perhaps on a lawn or garden. They contain high-voltage electrical equipment and have buried circuits and wires in the immediate area. 

Like any other piece of important utility equipment, they are locked and should be left alone – don’t let children play on or around them. If you see a transformer that is unlocked or has its doors open, note the identification number on the side and call us at 519-886-5090. Keep everyone a safe distance away, at least 10 metres (33 feet, about the length of a school bus).

Let Lucky the Squirrel show you the dangers of electrical equipment in this video:

Waterloo North Hydro’s School Safety Program

Waterloo North Hydro is pleased to offer safety presentations about electricity to all elementary schools in Waterloo, Wellesley and Woolwich. You'll also see us at community events showing you how to be safe around electricity.

Making electrical safety fun and interesting for primary and secondary students is important. Young children can learn to have a healthy respect for electricity and spot potential electrical hazards wherever they may be.

To arrange for an electrical safety presentation, please call 519-886-5090 or email our School Safety Presenter