What Happens When Your Power Goes Out?


What Happens When Your Power Goes Out?

Waterloo North Hydro provides reliable electrical service to all homes and businesses within our service territory. From time to time, outages can occur. Most power outages are unintended, brief and the result of extreme weather. In some cases, outages are planned in order for Waterloo North Hydro to perform maintenance and service.

For updates on ongoing outages, check our online outage map, follow us on Twitter @wnhydro and/or visit our Facebook site facebook.com/wnhydro.

Waterloo North Hydro works as safely and effectively as possible to restore power to all customers when an outage occurs. The steps below outline the process we follow to restore power.

Step 1 – Identification of an Outage


Step 2 – Emergency Restoration

How Power is Restored 

Step 3 – Prioritize Our Restoration Efforts

 How Power is Restored

 Step 4 - Restore Power to All Customers

 How Power is Restored

Repairing Damage to your Electrical System

After a power outage or severe storm, you may find your home remains without power, has only partial power, or has damage to its electrical system. For more information on how to have your home’s electrical system repaired, visit the Making Electrical Repairs Following a Storm Page.


Remember to stay away from downed powerlines and have any damage to your home’s equipment repaired by a licensed ESA Contractor. For more outage safety tips, please visit https://www.wnhydro.com/beprepared