Save Energy While Working From Home

Working from Home While Saving Energy


The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase of people working from their homes. Although working from home means you're spending more time indoors, it does not mean you need to increase your energy usage. We want to help our customers manage their electricity usage and keep their monthly bills as low as possible, so we have created this list of helpful energy efficiency tips for you to keep in mind while working from home.

Energy Efficiency Tips for Customers Working From Home

1. Use Natural Light As Much As Possible
There's no need for wasting energy on desk lamps or overhead lights if you're getting enough natural light. Choose the brightest room in the apartment or house in which to work, and keep the curtains open to let the light pour in. It can brighten both the room and possibly your productivity since natural light is known to boost one's mood.

2. Avoid "Phantom Power"
Avoid “phantom power” by turning off unused devices. Phantom power, also called standby power, refers to the energy that’s wasted around when devices are plugged in and using power, but you're not actively using them. In fact, 75 per cent of the electricity these devices consume is used when they are not even turned on. To avoid phantom power, be sure to unplug your devices when they're not in use.

3. Adjust the Settings on Your Devices
Adjust the settings on your computer and devices: Your computer comes full of energy-saving features, you just need to turn them on. Activate your computer's power management tools and save up to $100 in energy costs per year.

4. Rely on Ceiling Fans
In warmer weather, ceiling fans can help lower the temperature of a room by up to 2 degrees Celsius, and they only cost pennies to operate. They can also help warm your home on cooler days by circulating warm air, allowing you to keep your thermostat a few degrees lower.

5. Use My Account to Monitor You Consumption
If you want to know how much electricity your home office is using, you can check your hourly, daily, and monthly electricity consumption through My Account, our online customer portal. Monitoring your consumption can help you better understand what you are using, and when. Registration is easy, sign up today!

For more tips to help keep your home as energy efficient as possible, download your copy of our Energy Conservation Handbook, or click here for more energy saving tips and tools.

We also offer a number of energy saving programs for your home. Click here for more information.