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We understand that contractors and developers work around electricity. We want to make sure everyone who works around electricity is aware of his or her safety rights and obligations. For more information, view the links below:

Conditions of Service

Every Electricity Distribution Company in Ontario must have a Conditions of Service document . The purpose of this document is to provide information on the types and level of service available to customers.

View the Conditions of Service Document.


Metering Specifications

The safety and reliability of your electricity is our main priority. For your safety, we have rules for metering equipment. Customers and their electricians or contractors are responsible for understanding these rules.

We have the right to refuse to energize any part of a project that does not follow these rules. When you do not follow the rules, we are not responsible for the cost of repairs, or delays in energizing the system.

 View the Meter Specifications Document.


Services Connection Process

The following Service Connection Process outlines the steps required to connect a new building to the system. 

View the Service Connection Process Document


Technical Guidelines

The Technical Guidelines were created for Customers (property owners, developers, consultants, etc.) to use when coordinating a new or upgraded electrical service to a property. These guidelines are general and must be used in conjunction with Waterloo North Hydro Conditions of Service, Metering Specifications and Service Connection Process, the Ontario Building Code, the Ontario Electrical Safety Code and all other applicable regulations. The Technical Supplement outlines Waterloo North Hydro requirements to proceed with the installation.

View the Technical Guidelines for Electrical Services Over 400 Amperes


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