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A legal and safe connection to our electricity distribution system is one of the most important steps developers and contractors must complete. We want to ensure you have the correct information on the correct types of connections and ensure you fully understand your safety rights and obligations before beginning any project. This page is your one-stop information source for details on connections, technical guidelines, metering specifics and safety tips. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 519-888-5552 and we’d be happy to help you in any way we can. If you would like to request service, please complete our online Service Request Form.

Service Connection Process and Technical Guidelines

Find out what steps are involved in connecting your building to Waterloo North Hydro’s electricity distribution system and understand the technical guidelines you need to follow when coordinating a new or upgraded electrical system at a property. Refer to the two documents below for all the information you need.

View the Service Connection Process Document 

View the Technical Guidelines for Electrical Services Over 400 Amperes

Metering Specifications

The safety and reliability of your electricity is our main priority.  We have guidelines and requirements for metering equipment that must be followed before we will energize your project. Customers and their electricians or contractors are responsible for understanding these requirements and following them prior to having their project energized.

We have the right to refuse to energize any part of a project that does not follow these requirements. When you do not follow the requirements, we are not responsible for the cost of repairs, or delays in energizing the system. Please refer to the Meter Specifications document for more information on metering requirements.

View the Meter Specifications Document

View the Meter Base Selection Table

Conditions of Service

Every Electricity Distribution Company in Ontario must have a Conditions of Service document . The purpose of this document is to provide information on the types and level of service available to customers. The Conditions of Service contains all the information you need whether you're building a home or office or simply adding to an existing structure.

View the Conditions of Service Document

Suite Metering

Are you developing a multi-unit building or condominium? Is so, we recommend you consider utility suite metering. 

Utility Suite Metering is a simple, cost effective program offered to condominium and rental buildings, where each unit gets its own meter.  This means that customers pay only for the electricity used in their unit and can benefit from their individual conservation efforts.

Find out more about the advantages of suite metering.

Helpful Resources

For a list of important forms, information documents, and services we offer to help you get your project up and running, download our Connect Properties Faster and More Effectively With Waterloo North Hydro one-page summary document today.

Click here to download this handy guide.


Please see below for important links that may further assist you through the connection process.


We view our contractors as an extension of our team. The main goal of our Contractor Safety Program is to ensure our contractors are aware of their safety rights and obligations. Every contractor requires education on safety procedures and any potential workplace hazards.

To help you stay up-to-date on important electrical safety information and to ensure you continue to work safely, we encourage you to view our Safety at Work page

For a series of helpful electrical safety videos, please visit