Late or Non-Payment

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Your bill payment is due 19 days from the bill issue date shown on your bill. A 1.5% late payment charge is added to the bill amount after the due date and every month following until the account balance is paid.

Please note that payments made at your bank, on-line or by telephone can take the bank or financial institution up to 5 business days to process and for us to receive payment.

If you are having or expect to have difficulty paying your bill, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible to discuss payment options or other community resources available. Unpaid bills will follow the collection process which may lead to disconnection of the service and additional charges.

We will make every reasonable effort to contact the customer and to work out sustainable payment arrangements after the bill becomes due. Regrettably we may have no other option but to disconnect the service when no payment or insufficient payment is received.

For complete details on this and all of our policies, please see our Conditions of Service.

Non Payment/Collections

Disconnection notices contain required information, such as the earliest and latest disconnection date, the acceptable forms of payment and information about our arrears management program. A customer does not have to be home at the time of disconnection.