Suite Metering

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What is Suite Metering?

Utility Suite Metering is a simple, cost effective program offered to condominium and rental buildings, where each unit gets its own meter.  This means that customers pay only for the electricity used in their unit and can benefit from their individual conservation efforts.

For condo boards and property managers, the program helps better manage the electricity used in common areas, including hallways, lobbies, garages and heating, cooling and ventilation systems. The financial risks associated with bulk electricity costs are eliminated. 

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What Are The Benefits of Suite Metering?


  • Separate accounts are created directly with Waterloo North Hydro and customers pay only for the electricity used in their unit
  • Customers will continue to enjoy the same level of customer service and reliability that they have come to know and expect from their local distribution company. 
  • Customers are billed using time-of-use rates and can benefit from their individual conservation efforts
  • Customers have access to Waterloo North Hydro’s online tools including, detailed usage information, load profile graphs, power outage maps and paperless billing options
  • Waterloo North Hydro is fully regulated, our rates are transparent and approved by the Ontario Energy Board

 Condo Boards, Property Managers and Building Owners

  • Metering equipment is typically supplied and installed at no capital cost
  • Building management is only responsible for electricity consumed by the common areas
  • Suite metering reduces the buildings operating expenses and increases property value
  • Waterloo North Hydro manages the meter reading, billing and collection services
  • Building owners are never held responsible for an occupant’s unpaid electricity bill
  • Waterloo North Hydro is a Measurement Canada approved contractor and provides ongoing no-cost operation and maintenance of metering installations

The Waterloo North Hydro Advantage?

Waterloo North Hydo provides turnkey design and installation services which makes the switch to suite metering simple and easy. Each suite metering installation includes the following free services:

  • Project Management
  • An initial assessment and system design
  • Meter Installation by licensed electrical contractors
  • Setup of new accounts, billing, customer service,
  • Installation audit completed by an independent Measurement Canada accredited inspection agency
  • Assist landlords with the preparation of “Tenant Agreement to Pay Directly for Electricity Costs”
  • Provide post-conversion reporting that shows the allocation of electrical consumption between units and common areas.
  • Waterloo North Hydro has more than a century’s experience in providing excellent customer support and we consistently exceed the Ontario Energy Board targets for service quality, customer satisfaction and system reliability. 

How Can I Get More Information?

For more information on suite metering, or to schedule a free consultation, please email our suite metering experts at or call us at 519-886-5090.