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Understanding the different components of your bill can seem daunting, but we are here to help you make sense of your bill. Our interactive bill provides you with a tool to learn more about the different sections of your bill. Waterloo North Hydro's interactive bill is also available for previous versions of your bill.

You can also check our Glossary of Terms for more information on the sections of the bill.

New Interactive Bill

Waterloo North Hydro has updated its interactive bill tool to reflect the switch to monthly billing and the latest changes to the look and feel of your electricity bill.

Image of the front page of the interactive bill

                  Image of the back page of the interactive bill

Use the interactive bill tool to better understand the information on your bill. Learn more by selecting your bill type from the drop down menu.

 My Account and Online Resources

 Waterloo North Hydro also offers online tools for tracking  and managing your monthly consumption and electricity charges. Register for My Account and take advantage of the many tools available to you.    

You can see more information about your bill at the Ontario Energy Board website.

For a more detailed understanding try the Bill Calculator to help estimate your electricity costs. This tool will also help you see your potential bill with an electricity retailer.

Waterloo North Hydro is pleased to offer paperless billing option. It is free, convenient, secure and environment friendly.

No more trips to the mail box to pick up your bill. No more misplaced bills or cluttered countertops. Record keeping right at your fingertips.