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Electricity meters are installed by Waterloo North Hydro Inc. to measure electrical usage. Here are some answers to common questions about meters.

How is electricity usage measured?

Electricity use is measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh). A 100-Watt light bulb left on for 10 hours will use 1 kWh.

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Is my meter accurate?

Measurement Canada seals your electricity meter. The seal confirms that your meter or meters in the same group have been tested for accuracy before installation.

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Who owns my meter?

Waterloo North Hydro owns and installs electricity meters. It is illegal to tamper with an electricity meter.

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Does my meter have to be accessible?

Meters must always be accessible. Please ensure that bushes, trees, flowers, snow and ice do not block the area around your meter. It is your responsibility to ensure your meter is accessible including unlocking gates, opening your garage, and managing your pets.

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How do I read my meter?

Your meter is an electronic Time-of-use (TOU) meter. In normal operation it will cycle through the displays as indicated in the illustration below.

Graphic showing the normal operation of your WNH electricity meter

  • LSt003 - Indicates the next display records kWh forward direction (kWh Delivered).
  • kWh Delivered - This mode displays total kWh consumption. To determine how much electricity you use in a day for example, simply read the six digit number at about the same time each day and subtract yesterday's reading from today's reading.
  • LSt053 - Indicates the next display will show a snapshot of the current being used at this location.
  • Instantaneous Current - For example, instantaneous current is 12.03 Amps. (Present Load = 12.03A x 240V = 2.89 kVA).
  • Display Check - The display shows six number eights. This display verifies that the entire system is functioning properly. This screen is for Waterloo North Hydro use only.

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Smart Meter Lane

Visit 10 Smart Meter Lane and learn how shifting your electricity use makes sense.

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