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Wind and solar power


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Generate Renewable Energy

You can be part of Ontario's growing green energy movement, make money and contribute to a cleaner environment. Generate your own energy from renewable sources such as sun, wind, water or bioenergy and sell it for a guaranteed price.

Completed forms may be emailed to generation@wnhydro.com.

 NET Metering

Net metering is a billing arrangement whereby customers can send electricity generated from renewable sources to the electrical grid for a credit towards their electricity bill. Waterloo North Hydro will subtract the value of electricity supplied to the grid from the value of what is taken from the grid over a billing period. If a customer supplies power that is worth more than what they taken from the grid over the billing period, they will receive a credit that they can carry over to help lower future electricity bills. For details reference Ontario Regulation 541/05.

NET Metering Package (<10kW) Generator Form
NET Metering Package (>10kW & <500kw) Generator Form

MicroFIT - discontinued December 2017

The MicroFIT program provides homeowners and other eligible participants with the opportunity to develop a small or "micro" renewable electricity generation project (10 kilowatts (kW) or less in size) on their property. Under this program, you will be paid a guaranteed price over a 20-year term (40 years for waterpower projects) for all the electricity you produce and deliver to the province's electricity grid. For detail, visit the Independent Electricity System Operator MicroFIT website.

MicroFit Package (<10 kw) Generator Form

Contract Assignments Process

1. Contact the IESO

2. Waterloo North Hydro Information Package


The FIT program is open to projects with a rated electricity generating capacity greater than 10 kilowatts (kW), and generally up to 500 kW. For detail, visit the Independent Electricity System Operator FIT website.

Pre-Generation Connection Application Form A

Contract Assignment Process

1. Contact the IESO

2. Submit executed IESO contract to WNH Engineering Department: generation@wnhydro.com