Ontario Electricity Support Program


Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP) is a new program by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) as of January 1st, 2016 that reduces the electricity bills of low-income customers.

How do I Qualify?

If you are a customer of an electric utility and in a lower income home, you may qualify for a reduction on your electricity bill through the Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP). It's also available to customers of unit sub-meter providers and retail energy companies.

You must apply to the program to qualify.

What Support Could I Receive?

The OESP reduces the cost of your household electricity by applying a monthly credit directly to your bill.

The amount of the credit depends on two factors:

  • how many people live in the home 
  • your combined household income

How Do I Apply?

Customers can apply online at OntarioElectricitySupport.ca. You need to complete the online application, print and sign the consent form, and mail it.

A paper version of the application can be downloaded from the OESP application website, picked up from an intake agency or mailed to applicants by the OESP Contact Centre (1-855-831-8151) upon request.

To complete the application you will need:

. Your electricity bill account number, service address, and account holder details

. The birthdates and names of all residents in your home

. Social Insurance Numbers, Individual Tax Numbers, or temporary taxation numbers for residents over the age of 16

Have Questions?

Visit the OESP website or call 1-855-831-8151


OESP Brochure