Where Your Money Goes

When you have questions about the electricity you use and how much you pay for it, it's natural that you ask us.

What you may not know is that we are just one piece of the puzzle that brings electricity to your home or business. We are the local distribution company. While our bill includes all of the costs for the electricity you use, only about 25% is for the cost of local distribution. The other 75% pays for things like government fees, generating costs, transmission costs, and taxes.

You can think of us as a package courier. The courier does not control the packages you receive, but is responsible for their safe and reliable delivery. We have delivered electricity to our customers for over 100 years.

Where Your Money Goes

Currently, 60.8% of your payment goes to Electricity Charges, 5.8% goes to Transmission Charges, 3.8% goes to Regulatory Charges, 4.8% goes to the Harmonized Sales Tax, and 24.8% goes to Distribution Charges.

For the Average Residential Customer, the bill breakdown is as follows: Distribution Charges - 24.8%, Electricity Charges - 60.8%, Transmission Charges - 5.8%, Regulatory Charges 3.8%, HST - 4.8%