Beware of Scams


We are aware of a number of ongoing scams currently targeting our residential and business customers. The scams include: emails, phone, text messages and door-to-door contact. 

In each case, the scammers threaten to disconnect power unless immediate payment is made. Payment is demanded through credit card payment, cryptocurrency, and in-person drop off at a designated address. 

Please be aware, we do not threaten immediate disconnection and we are governed by rules laid out by the Ontario Energy Board when it comes to notifying customers about past due accounts.

Electricity distributors do not:

  • Ask for credit card payments over the phone, or accept cryptocurrency as an acceptable form of payment
  • Ask for bank or electricity account information via text message, email, or fax
  • Disconnect service with little or no notice
  • Call customers regarding account status outside of regular business hours

 Additionally, we will never request in-person payments to be dropped off at an address other than our service centre address at 526 Country Squire Rd., Waterloo.

If you suspect you are being targeted:

  1. Immediately hang up if you receive a suspicious phone call
  2. Do not click on any links in emails/text messages asking you to accept electronic transfers
  3. Avoid sharing any personal/business information over the phone or in-person
  4. Do not make any payments related to Smart Meter Deposits, this fee does not exist
  5. Always compare bills to previous ones, including the amount and account number 

If you suspect you are a target of a scam call, please hang up immediately and do not share personal or account details. 

If you have any account-related questions, or believe you have received a suspicious call, please contact us 519-886-5090. 

To report fraudulent activity, please contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501 

For information on how to protect yourself or your business against fraud, please visit the RCMP’s Scams and Fraud website at