Fair Hydro Plan

Beginning January 1, 2018, customers will notice a new line on their monthly electricity bill. Each customer's monthly savings from the Ontario Fair Hydro Plan is now shown in bold on the right side of your monthly electricity bill.

This message is another way we are helping our customers understand their electricity bill and helping them to manage their electricity costs.

What is the Fair Hydro Plan?

In May 2017, the Ontario Government announced a series of policy changes designed to decrease the average cost of electricity for Ontario residents. A second phase of the Fair Hydro Plan was introduced on July 1, 2017. The initiatives of the Fair Hydro Plan will save customers approximately 25 per cent each month on their electricity bill.

Highlights of the Plan include:

  • Lower Time-of-Use pricing for all households and many small businesses
  • Lower Global Adjustment credits for residential and small business customers who purchase electricity through a retailer
  • Reduction in the charge that funds the Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP)
  • Enhancements to the OESP
  • Reduction of the Rural or Remote Rate Protection Charge
  • Establishment of the Affordability Fund

How much will I save?

The average Waterloo North Hydro customer will see a reduction of approximately 26 per cent on their monthly bill. The amount of savings you see will be directly related to the amount of electricity you use.

  • Customers using approximately 750kWh per month will see an average reduction of 26 per cent on their monthly bill. This can result in savings of up to $475 annually
  • Customers using approximately 1,000kWh per month will see an average reduction of 28 per cent on their monthly bill. This can result in savings of up to $636 per year.


How am I saving?

 The below table will help you better understand the reductions in cost from the Ontario Fair Hydro Plan. Please note this table represents the savings for an average residential customer using 750kWh per month.

Bill Line Item
Non OFHP Rate (kWh)1
Non OFHP Billed Amount2
OFHP Rate (kWh)3
OFHP Bill Amount


Off Peak

 0.0916 $/kWh


0.065 $/kWh $32.48 $13.00


Mid Peak 

 0.133 $/kWh


0.095 $/kWh $14.26 $5.70


On Peak

0.185 $/kWh


0.132 $/kWh $16.82 $6.75


Rural Rate Protection Charge



$0.0003 $0.23 $1.40
Regulatory Ontario Electricity Support Program Charge $0.0011 $.0.86 $0 - $0.86
HST           $3.604
OFHP 8% Tax Rebate           $8.385
          Total $39.366

1. The Non-OFHP rate represents the estimated Time-of-Use rates for this period without the Ontario Fair Hydro Plan. For more information on the proposed rates visit https://www.oeb.ca/newsroom/2017/electricity-prices-dropping-households-and-small-businesses-effective-may-1
2. The amount represents the adjusted total of your consumption for each Time of Use period. To calculate this amount, multiply the non-adjusted consumption found on the front of your bill by the adjustment factor (1.0362), and then by the Non-OFHP rate.
3. The OFHP Rate represents the current Time-of-Use Rates
4. This figure represents the tax (13%) of the total difference saved through the Ontario Fair Hydro Plan
5.  The 8% Provincial rebate is applied to your consumption based charges.
6. This figure will be displayed on your monthly bill