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Welcome to My Account

My Account is a convenient, online service that gives you access to your account information including bills, transactions, and consumption details.

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Sign up for My Account today and receive 24/7 access to your account information anywhere you go through your computer or mobile device. Get all of your important account information in one easy-to-access place.

If you do not have a Waterloo North Hydro account, please complete our New Account Applicant Form and register for your new account today. Once you receive an account number, you can register for My Account.

Why should I sign up?

My Account provides detailed hourly, daily and monthly consumption information so you know how much you are using. Track your electricity usage, save money by taking advantage of Off-Peak time periods, and learn new ways to save by comparing your usage month-to-month.

Users can also register for Paperless Billing online through My Account and pay and view their bills online. eBilling customers receive an email alert letting them know there bill is ready and can access their monthly bill through their My Account site. My Account users can also review their previous transactions and their billing and payment history.

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What You Need to Register

  1. Have your current bill handy - You will need to have your most current hydro bill in front of you in order to sign up, as you will need to enter your Account Number and Meter Number (located on the back of your bill).   Please note that your account number is now 13 digits in length and includes the dash.
  2. Create and record - Be prepared to create an Access Code, Password and Security Question and Answer. You should record this information and keep it in a secure place so that you can refer to it in the future when you login to My Account.

How do I register?

Registering for My Account is fast and simple. Visit the Registration Portal and create an access code, password and security question.  Make sure to keep this information in a secure location so you can refer to it in the future when you login to My Account.

Using your current bill, add your Account Number and your Meter Number to the registration form, along with your personal details. Fill out the required information, click Register Now and start enjoying the benefits of My Account today.

      My Account Registration web page

If you experience any issues with registration, or wish to learn more about the benefits of My Account, please call us at 1-519-886-5090.